How many Apes does it take to change the world?

Hira Verick

Chief Creative Officer

In Oxford Hira founded a vibrant agency that pioneered digital design, working closely with Oxford University. He was also a Visiting Lecturer (and member of faculty) at Oxford Brookes University.

At the end of 2008 Hira finished a four-year tenure with SONY Mobile as Global Creative Director—responsible for Walkman and Xperia products amongst other initiatives.

Hira founded a Sweden-based social media startup enabling consumers to engage in branded dialogue with friends at point of purchase.

For over two years Hira was Global Creative Director, and Director, Global Experience Planing at HTC—refocusing their portfolio against an industry backdrop of fierce competition.

Hira has produced and directed over 50 commercial films for clients such as SONY and HTC.

Back in the day Hira was one of Australia’s first professional sponsored climbers and continues to ape around on rocks when possible. He enjoys drawing with his kids, running, Barre and reading the FT Weekend edition.

Alexa Koenings

Lead Visual Designer

Alexa has been helping global consumer brands to design, develop and communicate a pretty amazing array of innovative products and services.

She spent a number of years at HTC as Visual Designer, collaborating closely with the global product and experience planning group—including the introduction of the flagship HTC One smartphone.

More recently she has worked with SONY to create global designs.

Alexa hails from Alaska, swapping snow for rainy Seattle.

Ellen Verick


Ellen humanizes technology by combining fashion, design and Scandinavian aesthetics.

For over 5 years Ellen worked at SONY Mobile as Art Director and was key in the creation of consumer-facing brand, product, retail and launch communications.

Ellen has also helped Nordstrom as Art Director.

Tom Scholes

Technical Director

Tom Mastered Engineering at Oxford University. He now keeps ahead of the crowd on the web-tech and web-business waves, while maintaining a focus on creating digital concepts for any screen and any audience.

Ben Leighton

Design Director

Ben has been designing for the screen since 1996, working first in video effects and animation and then Interface Design.

As Senior Designer at Media Agency from 1999-2003 he worked on a variety of User Interface and User Experience projects before founding Grove Street Media in 2003.

Since then he has designed UX for the likes of SONY, Oxford University Press, and the Health Protection Agency.

Mariusz Skronski

Fashion Director

From dressing Frankie Goes To Hollywood to Hollywood productions, with a whole lot in between.

Reza Malekzadgan


Reza is a mobile tech evangelist backed by over 15 years of experience across a broad range of international assignments for large multinational media and telecommunications players.