Super Computing
Power in Our Hands

Computing Power

Super computer power, now in our hands.

The Ubiquitous Smartphone

Something we already interact with up to 150 times a day. Or, every 6.5 minutes.

Source: Nokia

Commoditization: 2 billion ‘Mobile Super Computers’ by 2015

App Explosion

From desktop to mobile apps.

Smartphones are Covered in Sensors

Ready to enable amazing user experiences.

Smartphone Evolution

Chipset makers pack it in.

Smartphones are the Center
of Our Connected World

Our personal hub


Evolving Mobile Experiences

Each year, technology advancements add more engagement and more personalization.

Software and Tools Become Free

Personal Ecosystem

Smartphone at the center.

Big Brother

Users need privacy.

Big data, Big Mother

Big data can help us learn more, learn faster.

Google Flu Trends

Mobile and Distributed Platforms

Fragmentation continues.

New Platforms

Wearables and ‘internet of things.’

Wearables &
‘Internet of Things’

Distributed Devices

Smartphone as hub.

Smartphone Adds Sense (& Brains)

Wearables are smarter with a smartphone. Google Glass uses the phone as hub, GPS, and communication channel.


Estimate numbers today:

Wearables by 2016: $10+ billion industry


Lo-tech Brands Extending into Hi-tech

Opportunities extend to non-tech brands.

Smart devices are rapidly being commoditized, enabling non-consumer electronics companies to ship their own branded hardware.

Bowflex Boost Activity Tracker $50

Brand equity will drive digital experiences.

Consumers are searching for innovative experiences with the brands they love and trust—giving those brands a chance to take a leadership position.

Smarphones provide the computing power.

Smartphones are powerful, connected, and ubiquitous—providing the computing platform.

The Wrist

The wrist is expensive real estate! Fashion first.

Limited Edition Rose Gold Nike FuelBand SE


Nike FuelBand—moved the company from lo-tech to hi-tech.


MC10 x Reebok Checklight = niche innovation brought to market.


GoPro—creation of a new product category: viewfinder-less active imaging.


Google Chromecast and Nest, ‘Internet of things.’

Travel & Education

Google Glass—augmented reality.


‘Automatic’ diagnostics and security.


Ready for massive disruption and compelling user experiences.


Starbucks—$110.5 million loaded onto Starbucks cards from mobile app. 10% in-store purchases via mobile.


Low-run, high-buzz initiatives.


Print meets mobile. Mobile in print.

Design is Business

What Does it Take?

1. Ultra simple, relevant people-centric experiences.

2. Simple pieces of smart technology around us and on us.

3. Combining these with unique design and robust platforms.

End-to-End Solutions

Design strategy every step.

Design Builds the Brand

Hardware, software, and marketing experiences become one.

Leica Special Edition
"We made the buttons on the screen look so good you'll want to lick them." Steve Jobs, 2004