Respect ideas, no matter how improbable. Trust people, no matter what you fear. Have fun, no matter what. We collaborate with world-leading brands, and those just getting started, to bring to market transformative concepts (aka monkey business) – from innovative mobile experiences to pioneering global designs. The Mobile Ape is your strategic source of ideas, people and delight. We develop products, create experiences, and craft stories. Our team has shipped products, services and concepts seen and used by millions, maybe even billions.

Silent Computing

Smartphones are our personal computing, communicating, socializing, entertaining hub. We now have a super-computer in our hands. Something we interact with up to 150 times a day—that’s every 6.5 minutes during our waking lives. And yet we are only just getting started.

It’s time to make people and things more connected, more in tune, more in touch and more free than ever before. Without the technology getting in the way.

What’s the opportunity?

Wonderfully engaging consumer experiences are evolving in peoples’ everyday lives—from the things we wear to the spaces we inhabit to the activities we love to do—with the creative application of seamless and easy-to-use technology and design.

Brands now have the chance to get serious about mobile-driven consumer engagement, in some cases turn a marketing initiative into a sustainable engaging product area in its own right.